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Martin & Oliver

A little introduction on myself and why I decided to start my own brand of Hemp.

I'm a married father of 3 and also a professional boxer.

Due to having a very active family, social & professional lifestyle - and after hearing about the many ways Hemp can help your body and mind, I decided to give it a try.

I'm constantly on the go and always struggled to have a good nights sleep with my aches and pains keeping me up at night, but after trying it my sleep improved and I woke up feeling fresh, with a clear mind.

With instantly feeling the amazing benefits I wanted to spread the word and it's now my passion to help people feel the same way.

It took a few months to source the best possible Hemp available to the UK market , but eventually I managed to find it and I'm so proud to bring you -

3 Little birds don't worry 🇯🇲 🙏 🇬🇧 x

The name of my company is in memory of my long time boxing coach and good friend Oliver Harrison who died in April 2019.

He was Jamaican born, but raised in the UK and was a big Bob Marley fan.

He was a lovely family man who never stressed, was always chilled and had such a laid back nature - and that's the idea behind this brand.. to help you take them stress away and not worry about a thing

This Hemp has been amazing at helping me in my professional and personal life and has helped me in many other ways.

I'm so happy and proud to bring you all of these products and to be able to help you to change your life for the better.

Looking forward to hearing about your success stories x

King regards,

Martin Murray